Bedford Bike Friends

News, events, advocacy for recreational, commuting, mountain biking, and fitness bicycling of all ages and levels.

Local News Highlights

  • Bedford Day Sept 15
    • Ride your bike and enjoy convenient and secure bike parking at the Bedford Bike Friends booth. Last year over 50 people biked to Bedford Day.
  • Attention all Minuteman Bikeway Users!: Survey on-line at: Minuteman Survey
    • As part of the 2011 State grant to Bedford, Arlington and Lexington to design navigational aids for the Minuteman Bikeway, we want your inputs on how to improve navigating to/from and on the bikeway.
  • Minuteman Extension (West Bedford Railtrail) Design sent to State for review. Next steps are public review, final design, and then construction.
  • Safe Routes To School (SRTS)
    • Oct. 3 International Bike/Walk to School Day
    • Continuing Bike safety classes scheduled for Job Lane students, 2012-13
    • Do you need help planning your route or riding to school? - send us an email moc.liamg|ekiBdrofdeB#moc.liamg|ekiBdrofdeB for assistance
  • Bedford Sept Bicycle Count Data show connections to the bike path, schools, and neighboring towns are important bike routes in Bedford.
    • Bike Committee promoting Sharrows for bike routes on narrow, busy roads
    • Page, Shawsheen, South, Old Billerica, Springs are challenging for bicyclists and for the road design engineers looking for ways to safely share limited road space
    • Sharrows were officially approved by the national road standards agency in 2009 after testing in 13 cities, and can be seen locally in Lexington, Arlington, Boston, Somerville, Belmont, Cambridge, Allston, Brookline
    • Sharrows are painted on the road and alert both the motorist and bicyclist that the lane is too narrow for cars to pass a bicyclists w/o crossing the center line. (Many states have a 'minimum 3 foot clearance' requirement when passing bicyclists)
    • Note, sharrows are not bike lanes and will not necessarily make 'advanced' level roads comfortable for 'intermediate' or 'beginner' bicyclists
  • FALL BIKING w/ Mary Hurley. Register at Bedford Rec Dept: 275-1392
  • Bicycle and Trails Committees collaborating on easements to better connect neighborhoods and open spaces, and create a Bedford Greenway network with off-road or low-traffic loops suitable for families and recreational biking and walking.

Regional Highlights

  • Boston 'bike share' program Continued success into second year. Expanding into Somerville, Brookline, Cambridge
  • Belmont Rail Trail connects to Alewife

Contact Us

Send us an email moc.liamg|ekiBdrofdeB#moc.liamg|ekiBdrofdeB with comments, questions, help with bike routes. We meet monthly, usually the first Wed, 7:30, Town Hall.

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