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Bike To School, Job Lane

  • Rules of the Road demonstrated a MUST watch Bike Safety Video
  • May - Bike Month
    • May 11-19 Bay State Bike Week pledge your bike rides (errands, recreation, fitness, commuting) and be part of the Bedford team! Register/Info register
    • June 7 Bike Helmet Day at Town Hall Parking Lot.

Local News Highlights

  • Minuteman Extension (West Bedford Railtrail) Awaiting approval letter from State
  • Bedford Safe Routes To School Bike Safety Classes introduced to 6th graders at JGMS
  • Bedford Bike Calendar
  • Bedford Bicycle Master Plan Proposal

Fall Town Meeting approved funding for Master Plan. Spring, 2014 proposal sent out for bid. The plan would map existing and proposed bicycle facilities, identify where bicycle investments should be made, and present actions for implementation. It will promote safe and enjoyable bicycling opportunities for commute, recreation, and fitness, and will link to other modes of transportation

  • First Sharrows sharrow.jpg in Bedford Each time a Bedford road is scheduled for major repaving, it is evaluated for bicycle accommodation. SSharrows were officially approved by the national road standards agency in 2009 after testing in 13 cities, and can be seen locally in Arlington, Lexington, Boston, Somerville, Belmont, Cambridge, Allston, and Brookline.
    • Sharrows are painted on the road and alert both the motorist and bicyclist that the lane is too narrow for cars to pass a bicyclists w/o crossing the center line. (Many states have a 'minimum 3 foot clearance' requirement when passing bicyclists)
    • Note, sharrows are not bike lanes and will not necessarily make 'advanced' level roads comfortable for 'intermediate' or 'beginner' bicyclists
  • Bicycle and Trails Committees continue work on easements to better connect neighborhoods and open spaces, and create a Bedford Greenway network with off-road or low-traffic loops suitable for families and recreational biking and walking.

Regional Highlights

  • East Arlington Mass Ave Road/BikeLane/Sidewalk Construction Starts [http://www.arlingtonma.gov/Public_documents/ArlingtonMA_Home/01BCEA65-000F8513]
  • Boston 'bike share' program 112 stations, 1100 bicycles, Continued success into third year. Extends service to . Remains open in winter. Info
  • Bicycle Friendly Communities - Lexington recognized as 'Bronze' level bicycle communities by the League of American Bicyclists
  • Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Chelmsford, 6.8 miles (opened 2009); State approves funding to extend trail.

As per last year’s 2014-2017 TIP, this year’s 2015-2018 draft TIP includes

Phase 2A (the continuation from the southern terminus of Phase 2 thru Westford, Carlisle and Acton) for 2014 advertisement for construction
Phase 2C (the entirety of the Concord section south of Commonwealth by MCI Concord) for 2016 construction
Phase 2B (primarily bridge over Route 2 on Concord / Acton border) for 2017 construction


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