Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee (ABAC)

Proposed Agenda for Arlington Topics:

2008 Accomplishments in Arlington

  • Wide-shoulder striping on Lake Street (east Arlington)
  • Supported Alewife Brook Greenway proposed path at various hearings/meetings
  • Bicycle rack installation plans
  • Successful Minuteman Bikeway celebration activities
  • Plowing program on Minuteman continued success
  • Supported Mass Ave Corridor Project at various hearings/meetings
  • Held Strategic Planning Meeting (Jan. 2009)
  • Bicycle lane sharing proposals submitted to Arlington officials
  • Bicycling Safe Routes to School lobbying efforts
  • ABAC Winter Social (Feb. 2008)
  • ABAC Tour of Arlington (May 2008)

2009 Goals, Project, and Major Events

  • Continue Bicycling Safe Routes to School lobbying efforts
  • Increased bicycle parking installations throughout Town
  • Development of a Master Plan for Bicycling in Arlington
  • Closer tracking of bicycle committee projects using electronic documentation and web publication
  • Develop a plan for addressing use of sidewalks for youth bicyclists in Arlington
  • Increase exposure and relations with senior management officials in Arlington
  • ABAC Winter Social (Feb. 2009)
  • ABAC Tour of Arlington (May 2009)

2019 Vision for Bicycling in Arlington

  • Improved accommodation for bicyclists in Arlington on Town roadways
    • bicycle lanes on all major thoroughfarees (Mass Ave, Broadway, Park Ave, Gray Street, Summer Street, Lake Street, Pleasant Street, and Mystic Valley Parkway)
    • covered bicycle racks and greater bicycle parking infrastructure throughout Town
    • use of bicycling permitted for all school children
  • Integration into future Boston bicycle-sharing program
  • Improved visibility of ABAC in Town government decision-making; exposure to state and local government officials
  • Greater education of motorists and bicyclists about bicycle transportation
  • Completion of Alewife Brook Greenway trail
  • Improved safety and right-of-way for Minuteman Bikeway crossing at Arlington Center (Mass Ave and Rt. 60)
  • Elimination of restrictions on use of sidewalks outside business districts for children on bicycles
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