Proposed agenda:



  • Mark, Brian, and Ralph have conflicts and will not be able to attend this month's meeting
  • We hope to see 3 new candidate members (Alec says he may be 30 mins late)


  • All members (re)introduce themselves
    • type of biking (commute, rec, mtn, …)
    • bike activities (advocacy, clubs, …)
    • bike committee interests
    • special skills (certified instructor, rider leader, web/computer, …)
    • connections to town (committees, town leaders)
    • 'religion' (Forester on-road, vehicular cyclists; bike lanes/paths proponents; agnostic)
  • Outline basic differences between BBAC and Friends of MM Comm
    • Lexington comparison (Terry)
  • SRTS workshop, presentation, award, Davis enrolled: Terry
  • SRTS planning for spring and possible future events
    • celeb riders/walkers
    • Bike Safety (Massbike) class 4-5th grade
    • Bike Rodeo after school (need funding)
    • video tape
    • CRW funding (2010) Examples
      • Grants - total of $8,500 was approved for the following recipients:
      • Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail ($1,000 plus a redirection of last year’s $1,000 grant for trail signage to minimize inadvertent bicyclist/pedestrian collisions),
      • CycleKids ($1,000), MA Bike Coalition ($2,000),
      • League of American Bicyclists ($1,000),
      • Boston Bikes ($2,000)
      • Bedford Farmers Market ($500 for a CRW promotional effort to encourage bicycling to the market), and
      • US Association of Blind Athletes ($1,000).
    • Apply for CRW funding (next year) for prizes, or earn a basket, lite, cycle computer, bell, bike shop merchandise certif.
    • BCAT presentation
  • Transp Comm Report (Minutes, Agenda from Brian)
  • Provide Minutes: Joel
  • Review Minutes: All
  • Accident report: Bob
  • Next meeting date
  • New (2010) Officer appointment discussion
  • New Action items
  • Adjourn BBAC
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