Reminder of our meeting Wed, plus an agenda.
Please check which items you are the principle for.

Please let us know if you will be late or unable to attend. If unable to attend, an email with status of your action items very much appreciated!

Proposed agenda:

bike stand subcomm. report/status: Brian

Transportation Comm Report: Brian, Ralph, Mark

Safe Routes To School Update: Terry

VHB surface study WRITTEN report: Mark

Protocol for sending questions to VHB about their surface study
presentation: Mark

New accident report format and options: Mark
- discuss what info needs to be collected and reported on

W. Bedford trail maintenance status from R. Warrington (excess Trees
and shrubs, and now snow!): Ralph, Mark

Bike To Service Day(s) & UU Green Iniative: Terry, Joel

Bedford Committee Ride Day - all members of Bedford Town Committees invited to participate in an annual bike Bedford ride: All
- purpose: bike issue awareness
- goal: get at least 1 member of each Town Comm (Rosenberg signed up!; Planning Board Members)
- let's prioritize what issues to address this year, eg visit bike racks
- groups should not be more than ~ 5 (safety, etc), so could offer multiple rides/courses/venues

Web page updates, new site: Terry
- please log onto and get an account (5 mins);

Bob Sawyer Status - on the road to recovery!

NEW items since email:

  • bike commute reembursement @ LL; advertise in MM
  • new bike law passed MASSBikeLaw2009Jan
  • Lex Update (Peg Enders)
    • updating web site; more relevent
    • looking forward to TriTown meeting
    • Globe article (sno plowing) a bit out of date: hoped to moving forward again
    • Bollards/gates need to be addressed

- Adjourn Advisory Comm; Open Friends of the MM --—-

Host Tri-Town Friends of MM Spring Meeting; Suggest items for agenda:
All (including Mark)
e.g., New signage, snow plowing, bollards and gates, tree root damage,

Candidates for open Comm. positions: All

Lexington/Arlington MM Snow plowing status: Terry

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