Reminder of our meeting Wed, plus an agenda.
Please check which items you are the principle for.

Please let us know if you will be late or unable to attend. If unable to attend, an email with status of your action items very much appreciated!

The number 1 priority this meeting is obtaining clarity on the VHB Surface Study Presentation last Fall so that the town can then move forward on the W. Bedford RT.

Proposed agenda:
Status VHB Surface Study Questions: Rich is coming prepared to answer the questions we sent him last April.
Status W. Bedford RT brush/tree clearing: Rich
Bike stand subcomm. report/status; DPW bike stand order: Brian, Rich
New Mitre Extension roadway Review (Phase II of Middlesex Trnpk/Crosby Dr project): Terry, Joel, Rich, Brian, Mark
New/on-going road/sidewalk projects: Rich
Wheelchair, bike trailer passage by NGRT bollards/gates: Rich, All

Accident report: Holly
Accident Report Format/Improvements: All

Safe Routes To School Update; Jun 3 walk/bike to Job Lane: Joel, Ralph. Terry

Transportation Comm Report: Brian, Ralph, Mark

Mitre Extension Public Review Letter from BBAC/Friends: All

Current Rt 62 corridor action plan proposal: Terry

Response to letter for selectmen (SRTS Day, Trails Count Days, B2WW): Mark
Bedford B2WW 2010: All

Roadrage (bike related) reporting proposal: Terry, Joel, All

- Adjourn Advisory Comm; Open Friends of the MM ——-
Lex Update: Tour De Lex; Terry
Solicit support (and email addresses) thru CRW newletter: Terry

Presentations for Transp Comm, Youth Services, Planning Board, Energy Comm., ..: Terry, All

Tri-Town Friends of MM Spring Meeting - no news: Terry
Candidates for open Comm. positions: All
Holly and Charles Appreciation Presentation: All

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