Reminder of our meeting Wed, plus an agenda.
Please check which items you are the principle for.

Please let us know if you will be late or unable to attend. If unable to attend, an email with status of your action items very much appreciated!


Proposed agenda:


Provide Minutes: Joel
Review Minutes: All

Bike stand subcomm. report/status: Brian

Accident report: Bob

Transportation Comm Report: Brian, Ralph, Mark

Roadrage (bike related) reporting proposal: Terry, Joel, All

Friends of the MM

Bedford Day Events/Planning: All
- Valet Parking
- Solicit funds, signatures
- Info sheets: accomplishments; WBRT
- SRTS info; Pedal Car in parade?

Trail Count Data posted on-line

Public Forums & BBAC or Friends Position(s): Terry, discussion All

Mitre Extension/Route 62 Public Hearing, Comment Letters, Summary: Terry

Lex Update: Tour De Lex, Thurs Lex BAC meeting; Terry

Tri-Town Friends of MM meeting topics: Terry
- Misrak Sultan visit, talk re: 11' striping, curbing, rt 62/Network Dr
- MM improvements: signage, etiquette, rules, enforcement, striping, bollards (uniform)

Solicit support (and email addresses) thru CRW newletter: Terry

Review June MM Extension discussion: All

Presentations for Transp Comm, Youth Services, Planning Board, Energy Comm., LoWV..: Terry, All

B2WW 2010 Bedford (Lex, Arl?) events; Rotary involvement?: Terry, discussion All

Bike To Church (Charlie Schwerin Day) 2009: Terry

Candidates for open Comm. positions: All
Holly and Charles Appreciation: All

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