Proposed agenda:


  • Provide Minutes: Joel
  • Review Minutes: All
  • Bike stand location ride with Dennis Freeman (DPW): Terry
  • Review Special Town Meeting: All
  • Arlington Selectmen vote on 5' Mass Ave bike lanes, Mon Aug. 10
  • Transportation Comm Report: Brian, Ralph, Mark
  • Accident report: Ralph
  • Adjourn BBAC

Friends of the MM

  • Sat., August 29, Friends Booth/table at BFRT Ribbon Cutting, at 10 am at Old Town Hall & Town Common, Chelmsford
  • Sat., Oct. 24, GWAC at Concord; Lexington Mark Sandeen organizing a bike ride from Lexington to the Old North bridge
  • Ask Bedford GWAC to endorse multi-use WBRT; ask BGWAC to include our handout(s) at their booth(s) (eg Bedford Days)
  • Carl Larson (Portland Bike/Walk to School 'Ambassador' Presentation
  • BYF endorsement
  • Generic endorsement statement (Planning Board, LWV, Transp.)
  • Trail Counts
  • Mitre Extension/Route 62 Public Hearing, Comment Letters, Followup: Terry
  • SRTS, Fall
    • PD funding
    • helmet day
    • Massbike safety clinic, classroom 4-5th graders
    • transition to parents
  • Tri-Town Friends of MM meeting topics: All
    • MM improvements: signage, etiquette, rules, enforcement, striping, bollards (uniform)
    • On-road issues discussion
  • Friends News Letter (on-line): Terry
  • Presentations for Transp Comm, Youth Services, CPC, Planning Board, Energy Comm., LoWV, GWAC, ..: Terry, All
  • Bedford Day Events RePlanning : All (Terry attending wedding on Cape Cod)
    • Valet Parking
    • Solicit funds, signatures
    • Info sheets: accomplishments; WBRT
    • SRTS info; Pedal Car in parade?
  • Miscel
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