Proposed agenda:


  • Repave current MM initiative: Mark, All
  • Pave Extension Initiative: Mark, All
    • Roles of BBAC and Friends of MM
    • Schedule and order of events
    • Required/recommended partners (DPW, CPC, etc.)
  • SRTS
    • Review event
    • Oct 29 or 30 event
    • Massbike safety clinic, classroom 4-5th graders
    • Rotary Club, CRW grants?
  • Transportation Comm Report: Brian, Ralph, Mark
  • BBAC merger into Transp Comm: Mark, Brian, All
  • Provide Minutes: Joel
  • Review Minutes: All
  • Bike stand installation status: Terry
  • Accident report: Ralph
  • Next meeting date
  • Adjourn BBAC

Friends of the MM

  • Officer Elections?
  • Tri-Town Friends of MM meeting (Sep 28) review: Ralph, Terry
  • MM Extension Subcommittee: Bob, All
    • Role and activities
  • Bedford Day Events Review: All
  • Miscel
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