Proposed agenda:


Mark plans to attend but limited in time, so we will begin w/ issues he best can address

Full agenda; Let's stay on topic, and resched long side discussions to another meeting


  • Clarify DPW's responsibility to maintain W. Bedford rail trail
    • 1971, Town Meeting authorized grading the trail to increase bike and pedestrian use and provide a safer route to school
    • Does DPW have sufficient resources to do necessary maintenance twice a year?
    • Spring, 2009, meeting w/ Mark, Rich, Rick, and BAC: DPW 'plans' to do maintenance in Fall
      • Nov, ~50 rocks, roots spray painted ('work has started!' and ended?)
    • History of runners (including school cross country athletes) and bikers being injured on trail
  • DPW CPC Submission review
    • Where did new cost numbers come from and why 50% increase in 4 years
    • Include DPW proposal as the "limited recreation" option in presentations?
  • MM Extension Project Schedule
    • Web site w/ all available info
    • Jan 14 CPC presentation
      • review CPA application
    • Selectmen presentation ?
    • Finance Comm alerted
    • Rec Comm, others?
  • Status of 447 Concord access path
  • Establish or identify reliable connections to other comms
    • Zoning
    • Planning B
    • ConsCom
    • BARC (Ralph)
    • Trails (Ralph, Terry)
    • DPW: can we formalize this; Trails has 2 DPW reps every month
    • Finance
  • SRTS planning for spring and possible future events (Terry)
  • Transp Comm Report (Minutes, Agenda from Brian)
  • Inventory and status of Minutes: Joel
  • Future processing of Minutes: All
  • Accident report: Ralph (0 accidents)
  • Next meeting date
  • New (2010) Officer and task assignment discussion
    • Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasure
    • Accident report
    • Establish Town web page presence
    • Trail Counts (up to 3 times/ year, 2 days each, 1 to 3 trails covered)
    • SRTS Task Force
    • Sharrow project, perhaps w/ Lexington
    • Attendance at Moving Together (shared w/ Transp), SRTS conferences
    • Report on Livable Streets Alliance, MassBike, League of AC,, EastCoast Greenway, CRW news
    • Interact w/, neighboring Bike Comm's
  • List New Action items
  • Adjourn BBAC

Friends of the MM

  • Role of MM Friends, now, future
    • MM Extension Project
  • Review officers/duties
  • Tri-Town Friends of MM meeting April 5, Arlington
    • agenda items (e.g., nite riding and lite req's - Terry, Chris), blog started at bedfordbike google site
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