• Review Middlesex TrnkPk, Mitre Extension (Ph II), Phase III
  • Implications of US DOT March Bike/Ped Policy Statement
  • Work w/ PD
    • Road Incident reporting
    • Bike/MV collision report
      • e.g.,Cascade Bicycle Club reporting tool at
      • Boston Cyclists Union (!?) wants better system for Boston
      • N. Freedman has interim system at
  • April Minutes review/approve
  • 2010 Goals
    • work w/ Burlington BAC to improve Network Dr.
    • BBAC Comprehensive plan (5 years)
    • American Cyclist ratings for Bedford (Terry doing MIT-LL application)
    • Sharrow project
  • TAC report
  • Assign/review any action items
  • Adjourn


  • MM Extension project: working w/ VHB, DPW
  • MM Map/brochure update
  • Snow plowing pilot program
  • SRTS review; Jun 16 bike/walk day tentative
    • use "arrow" at critical turns in PM
    • back pack check?
  • Bay State Bike Week Review
  • Unclaimed bikes
    • perhaps for Job Lane bike classes
    • future Bedford 'bike share' program
  • Upcoming events

* Jun 5, PD Bike Helmet Day
* Jun 16 bike/walk to Job Lane

  • General Bike News: LoAB, Rails2Trails, MassBike, East Coast Greenway, CRW, etc.
  • 2010 Project ideas - All
  • Assign/review action items
  • Adjourn
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