Room: 1st Floor Conf.

  • MM Extension status check; request better responsiveness from DPW director on this matter
  • 285 Great Rd: letter to MassDOT re: complete streets requirement when redo of Mass Highway Road
  • Bike Safety Awareness Week 2012, Watertown, Belmont, Arlington, Lexington, Bedford summary: Terry
  • Planning Board Comp. Plan public hearing II: Suzy, Brian, Jon, Terry, Dave, Laurie, Margot
  • Transp. Comm report: Brian, Ralph
  • Elmbrook Greenway: Terry
  • Police Logs: Ralph
  • Road issues report (potholes, crash scene cleanup, storm drains replaced incorrectly (Elm/South Rd))
  • 202 South Rd (town land) path blocked; request selectmen to address
  • Complete Streets 6 hour workshop Apr 12 @ Bedford: Adrienne, Kristen (DPW); Terry
  • Review minutes
  • Officer Elections
  • New business, events
  • SRTS, Bedford In Motion, Health & Wellness grant update
  • Assign/review any action items
  • Adjourn


  • 501c (non-profit) paper work complete!
  • Bike Helmet Day summary: Ralph (Brian, Dave, Laurie)
  • Bike Safety Classes 4th Graders, Job Lane summary: (Dave, Laurie, Terry)
  • Bike/Walk to School May 2 summary, lessons learned: Dave, Ralph, Laurie, Terry
  • Bike Week May 14 summary: Job Lane, Lincoln Lab, Inst. Lab, Brian, (not Mitre)
  • MM "Navigational Aids" DCR grant: Terry
  • Review Minutes
  • Summer regional bike meeting discussion (Arl, Bed, Lex, Burl; Livable Streets (Steve Miller))
  • Bedford Commuter help line (Acton to Mitre; Chelmsford to Virginia Rd): Terry
  • New business
  • Calendar
    • Pan Mass rides (adults, kids): Ralph, Brian
    • SRTS meeting Jun 8 (JGMS; safer passage thru gates; Fall activities)
  • General Bike News: Lexington, Arlington, LoAB, BFRT, Rails2Trails, MassBike, East Coast Greenway, CRW, Livable Streets, Boston Cyclists Union, Somerville "summit"
    • Watson and road rage driver; Laurie and "don't share the road" driver
  • Assign/review action items
  • Adjourn

MassDOT letter points

- Paulson Bill and MassDOT Complete Streets policy require bicycle
accommodating when a state road is reconstructed
- Mass design guide states 4 ft 'usable' shoulders are minimum; add 2
feet if there is an object > 6" (guardrails, curbing, etc) near edge
of shoulder. Our granite curbs are typically 6" to 9" high as is the
case there now.
- current proposal shows 10' lane for DPW trucks and trailers (9 ft+ width)
- and 11' for thru traffic including 8-9' buses
- and 10' rt turn lane for all sizes of vehicles
- and a 4ft shoulder useless for thru traffic bicyclists
- road diets are intended to reduce lane width (and calm traffic) and
at the same time increase shoulder or provide bike lanes. In this case
narrowing lanes is being done to add additional lanes resulting in
less road space for bicyclists.

And questions to be addressed include:
- are 6' shoulders required because of the vertical granite curbing,
or would 5' be adequate
- are sharrows in the thru traffic lane, a possible option (we think not)?
- what are legal trailer widths for that road


Arlington is (as I speak!) installing a new multi-unit bike rack at the Town Hall Annex! The Town Hall is also putting a concerted effort to encourage employees to walk/bike/take public transit rather than drive; climate friendly reasons, as well as health/wellness, and the limitted parking. A raffle reward is supporting the early effort - winners are determined monthly.

Arlington also placed first (I think) in the Annual Mass Commute Challenge during Bay State Bike Week for miles biked that week!

Also the police dept. is initiating an effort to increase bike -related law enforcement efforts.

And of course we are pleased with the acknowledgement of being a Bronze-designated Bike Friendly Community.

Joey Glushko, Planner

Hi, Lexington Selectmen approved the installation of a summer weekend bike parking corral, located on Mass Ave in front of RideStudioCafe, that takes up 1.5 parking spaces each weekend until October, has two bike racks inside the corral set up by DPW at the start of each weekend. This began the weekend of May 19. We did a bikeway count earlier this month; counted 4500 "trips" on Saturday, May 12 — a record — and a count on the same day out on Mass Ave (to count bikes on Mass Ave as well as peds on sidewalks). Sponsored two bike rides on May 19 with RideStudioCafe. Had a booth at Discovery Day, many many visitors. Simultaneously ran the annual Bike Donation Day with Bikes Not Bombs (adjacent to our booth) and collected nearly 100 bikes (compared with 150 last year and 200 the year before). Will host monthly bike corrals at our Farmers' Market starting in mid-June. "Safer Streets in Lexington" flyer, devoted to bike safety and produced by bike committee working with planning and police depts, was circulated to all residents with our spring tax bill. Peggy

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