Room: 1st Floor Conf.

  • 285 Great Rd: status MassDOT review
  • Complete Streets Workshop: review/approve Letter to MassDOT recommending better 'Case 3 Shared Lane' instruction
  • MM Extension: review 25% design doc (CD)
  • Transp. Comm report: Brian, Ralph
  • Elmbrook Greenway: Terry
  • Police Logs: Ralph
  • Road issues report (potholes, crash scene cleanup, storm drains replaced incorrectly, etc.)
  • 202 South Rd (town land) path blocked update: Terry, Ralph
  • Bike Friendly Community Application: Ralph
  • Bike Safety Campaign followup: League AB, BPD
  • Review minutes
  • New business, events
  • Assign/review any action items
  • Adjourn


  • Higgs Boson impact on bicycling: Peter
  • Whole Foods 5% day (2013?)
  • MM "Navigational Aids" DCR grant: Terry
  • Friends Recognition Awards
  • Review Minutes
  • New business
  • Calendar
    • Pan Mass rides (adults): Ralph, Brian
    • Bedford Day
  • General Bike News: Lexington, Arlington, LoAB, BFRT, Rails2Trails, MassBike, East Coast Greenway, CRW, Livable Streets, Boston Cyclists Union, Somerville "summit"
  • Assign/review action items
  • Adjourn


  • MM Ext design doc, 33 PDF files
  • 12' wide, 20 mph design speed
  • bushes, fences when necessary
  • RR ave, 4' shoulders, 6' sidewalk, 6" granite curbing
  • gen01 - gen25 ~ 1500 feet sections
  • gen06, mongo brook winchester dr connect
  • gen15 caesar jones
  • gen21 concord rd, east side
  • gen22 concord rd crossing, flashing beacon
  • gen23 concord rd, west side
  • gen24 town line, don't see access path to wheeler Dr
  • costs, overview files
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