• Jan V.S. intro
  • Moving Together (Health Focus) Review, Boston, Oct 17
    • Bedf attendees: 4 DPW, 1 Bike Comm
    • Shared Use Path design: no bollards, no single design speed, 'mutual yielding'
    • Narrow lane bicycle accommodation: 'priority shared lanes'
  • Transp. Comm report: Brian
    • Sidewalk list, CP funding needs
    • Pedestrian Friendly Comm. (modeled after LoAB Bicycle Friendly
  • Special TM recommendations: BAC vs Friends; 10 year CPA funding priorities,
  • Update 'Bedford Circuit Trails', Ralph
  • [Wilson Mill Pond]
  • PB Masterplan (Transp.) meeting, Oct 16, Suzy, Brian, Terry
  • Accident Report (Jul - Sep: 5 accidents)
    • discuss a cummulative report, problem intersections
  • New business, events
  • Assign/review any action items
  • Adjourn


  • Event Review
    • Bike Film Fest, Arlington, Oct 12, Fri
    • MM 'stakeholders' ride, Oct. 14, Sun AM, Brian, Terry
  • STM discussion
    • Bike/Ped/SRST $$ needs: MM repaving, MM Ext town, sidewalks, crosswalks
  • JGMS Bike Safety Classes
  • Jan V.S. interests/ideas/questions/projects
  • General Bike News: Lexington, Arlington, LoAB, BFRT, Rails2Trails, MassBike, East Coast Greenway, CRW, Livable Streets, Boston Cyclists Union, Somerville "summit"
  • Assign/review action items


  • Dec 10 JL safety?
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