• CPC bicycle/ped project discussion: Gene Clerkin
  • Sharrow Proposals For Selectmen
  • Transp. Comm report: Brian, Ralph
    • Healthy Bedford (upcoming) visit
  • Accident Report: Ralph
  • PB/Selectmen Updates (Rosewood Lane, driveway - MM crossing)
  • New business, events
  • Assign/review any action items
  • Minutes review
  • Adjourn


  • Assign/review action items
  • Minutes review


  • Jan 3 MAGIC (transp focus)
  • Jan 10 LAC (SRTS, greenway easements)


  • Terry requested LoAB DVD+book from library
  • MAPC Greenway

1) MAP-21: Draft a “model letter” for each of us to adapt and send to our legislators asking them to join us in asking MassDOT to commit to prioritizing MAP-21 funds for non-automobile infrastructure.
2) INFORMATION SHARING: Begin planning sessions to share experience and strategies for dealing with issues such as Dealing With Wetland Regulations, Ensuring ADA Compliance on Trails, Negotiating Land-use Liability Agreements, Non-Traditional Trail Development Strategies, Building Local Support, State-of-the-Art Design of Protected Bike Lanes, etc.
3) LOGO: Develop a Green Routes logo, Create ID signage, and begin putting them up.
4) OUTREACH: Create a short slide show & brochure and begin doing presentations.
5) MAPPING: Help develop the vision maps of existing and desired regional bike/walk facilities as well as identify some of the highest value (and most likely to occur) closing-the-gaps projects.

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