• PB, Selectmen introductions, updates
    • Loomis Devel.: Brian, Amy
  • Blake Block Bike Rack site visit report (Jan, Ralph)
  • Bicycle Master Plan scope (on-going)
    • Outline broad areas
    • identify specific items
  • Transp. Comm report: Brian, Ralph
  • Middlesex Greenways Consortium,, Bedford Trails Comm News
  • Land Acq. Comm meeting (Mar 28) report
  • Wellesley, Alexander Motsenigos: lessons learned
  • Assign/review any action items
  • Minutes review
  • Adjourn


  • Treasurer Report!; 5013c paperwork
  • New MM Bike Map review
  • LoAB Bicycle Friendly Community Application Update
  • JGMS Bike Safety Projects
  • Apr 21: Bike To Service
  • May 1: Bike To School
  • Job Lane Bicycle Award
  • General Bike News: Lexington, Arlington, LoAB, BFRT, Rails2Trails, MassBike, East Coast Greenway, CRW, Livable Streets, Boston Cyclists Union
  • Globe "wheel wars" series, BCU petition; Lexington MM link: wikedlocal/rightofway
  • MCC recycling Tour report
  • Assign/review action items
  • Minutes review


  • Apr 11: Land Acq. Comm (easements)
  • Apr 12: SRTS (8am, DPW)
  • Apr 22: Earth Day
  • Apr 21: Bike To Service
  • May 1: Bike to School
  • May 4: State Trails Conf
  • May 5: Bike To Service (First Christ)


  • Paul Couvee, Chip n Farms
  • Jim Weissman, Trails, JGMS


  • ALL: test ride 202 South Rd path; report any issues, problems
  • ALL: identify good contacts for support letters (Terry: Arlington, Lex, Bruce Freeman, Somerville, 1366 (Wiggins), Bikeway Source)
  • ALL: test ride new trails w/ bog bridges between RR Ave and Elm St. this is a new trail by Trails Comm. supporting SRTS!
  • ALL: when riding RR Ave, observe & record traffic and parking patterns in the commercial areas there
  • Ralph, Jan - checkout bike rack locations, take pictures at Blake (new, unexpected sidewalk grades created problems), and recommend types, locations to meet requirement of 17 bike spaces, 7 being covered. inverted U and post and ring are considered best rack types. Avoid wavy rack
  • Brian (w/ help from others as needed) Loomis BAC recommendations
    • general guidelines for a 'bike friendly housing development'
    • specific recommendations for Loomis, eg, public access and connectivity w/ MM and NGRT RTs
    • support in general and specifically Loomis for mixed-use zoning w/ goal to create walkable/bikeable neighborhoods that reduce need for SOV travel
  • Terry: sharrow (Loomis, RR Ave, McMahon) proposal for selectmen
  • Terry: arrange Toole Masterplan proposal for DPW, CPC, BAC, others
  • Brian: confirm adequate JGMS storage area for bikes to be used in phys ed bike safety classes being proposed
  • Dave, Terry: work out details (time, content, dates, equipment) for JGMS bike safety classes; arrange meeting w/ school to discuss when/how etc. details
  • Terry: bike to service Apr 21 coordination
  • Laurie: Bike Friendly Community application
  • Jan, Terry: consolidate map comments from Trails, DPW, BAC; send to Arl, Lex for next update review
  • Jean Hammond, Terry: design/print 'Bicyclist of the Year Award, Job Lane' certificate
  • Terry: contact Transp Comm. re: easements, LAC meeting Feb 28
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