• Update on town paving projects
  • PD report
    • Reporting 'crashes'
    • Reporting bad motorist
  • State Funding regional rail trails
  • RR Ave recommendations
  • Transp. Comm report: Brian, Ralph
  • PB report: Amy
  • Bicycle Racks: lst Parish; Blake Block
  • Depot Park proposals
  • Assign/review any action items
  • Minutes review
  • Adjourn


  • JGMS bicycles; safety classes status
  • Bedford Day, Sep 21
    • 8-10 am setup
    • 10-3 corral;
    • Groups selling food must contact the Bedford Board Of Health for guidelines, 781 – 275 – 6507. Codes will

be strongly enforced and closely monitored.

  • PMC report
  • Treasurer Report
  • General Bike News: Lexington, Arlington, LoAB, BFRT, Rails2Trails, MassBike, East Coast Greenway, CRW, Livable Streets, Boston Cyclists Union
  • Assign/review action items
  • Minutes review


  • Aug 9, Bedford Day Appl deadline


  • Hubway Traffic

Globe 'safe or savage' video

Richard Fries, Bikes Belong, 'careful' not FU; helmets for car drivers

90% Germany drivers fail drivers test lst time

mind share vs road share

dooring in Boston, rarely cited

state won't pass proposal for cameras to catch red lite violators

16 mins - econ advant
Jaci - finite space, so to grow, we need more people, not more cars SOV
'women are indicators for bicycle conditions'

Arlington, Holliston, Acton, Concord, and Maynard.

The Boston Region Metropolitan Planning Organization, The plan still needs final approval from the Federal Highway Administration and is subject to availability of federal dollars.

In Arlington, $1.6 million is expected to be spent in 2014 for the Arlington Center Safe Travel Project.

putting bike lanes on Massachusetts Avenue between Mystic Street and Swan Place, the project will improve traffic operations as well as pedestrian safety in the Arlington Center area by providing additional signs and upgrades to signal equipment, phasing, and timing at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue, Mystic Street, and Pleasant Street. Signal retiming and coordinating the intersections at Chestnut and Medford streets are also included.

Also targeted for funding is the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, a proposed 25-mile trail from Lowell to Framingham. The first 6.8 miles, from Lowell to Westford, are now open. The trail is slated for $23 million in funds in 2014, 2016, and 2017.

The transportation plan includes about $11 million in 2014 to build 5 miles of the Bruce Freeman trail in Westford, Carlisle, and Acton. The rail trail is also in line to receive $6 million in 2016 for the 2.5-mile Concord section and $6.4 million in 2017 for a bridge to take the trail over Route 2 between Acton and Concord.

Also being funded in Acton is the Assabet River Rail Trail.

After being taken off the program last year because of planning delays, the Assabet River Rail Trail in Acton and Maynard was not only put back on but moved up on the funding list by two years, said Tom Kelleher, the group’s president.

“We’re very happy to be back after being at risk last year,’’ Kelleher said. “Moving forward two years is a good thing.’’

The transportation plan includes $769,000 in design funds for the trail between Acton and Maynard in 2014, and $4.7 million for construction in 2015.

Currently, the Assabet River Rail Trail consists of nearly 6 miles between Marlborough and Hudson.

This new segment of the Assabet River Rail Trail will extend from the Stow/Maynard town line to the South Acton commuter rail station, a distance of 3.4 miles.

The work will also include replacement of the bridges at Tobin Park in Maynard and Mill Pond in Acton and construction of a new 200-foot long boardwalk in Acton.

This project provides an alternative transportation option that links the Assabet River National Wildlife refuge with the downtown Maynard business district and the South Acton commuter rail station.

Once that section is done, Kelleher said, the group will focus on a 2.2-mile stretch along Track Road in Stow.

Among other projects, $2.4 million is set to be spent in Holliston in 2017 to construct a multiuse trail on a section of the proposed Upper Charles River Trail. The plan is to use the abandoned railroad bed to provide a walking and bicycle trail beginning at Hopping Brook Road and ending at Cross Street.

In Bellingham, $1.6 million will be spent in 2014 to demolish a bridge on Route 126 and replace it with a culvert to accommodate any future bike paths along the abandoned railway bed.

  • LoAB Friendly Matrix
    • Bedford 88 miles, 5 miles bike
    • Somerville, 100 miles, 2.5, 10, 24 = 35 miles bike
    • Camb. gold, boston silver, arl, H.Ampton, Somerv, Bronze; Salem, Bedford HM
  • Arterials, Collectors need infrastructure; 'designated vs dedicated vs protected';
  • 225/62; 225/4 intersections (Great Rd Master Plan)
  • Complete Streets (PB, Town, DPW)
  • 25 mph, [eg RR ave]
  • MM crossings (wiggins, raised?)
  • connectivity [easements]
  • PD is willing to collaborate
  • part time bike/ped coordinator
  • ban cell phone use
  • Hancock bike blvd (potential)
  • Hemlock LN , bike route
  • Loomis-Wiggins: flat, good lines of sight, med-low traff; sidewalk Loomis; direct connect w/ MM
  • South Rd: hill, curves, hi traff; bad turns for Wiggins, Westview, Hartwell
  • BAC do public notif., maps; DPW - signs, cones, elec. signs; PD some monitoring
  • BMP edits
    • 2-15 years (not 10-15)
    • formal state participation
    • silver 3 years; gold 6 years
    • specific items from report card



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