• Nov, Dec BBAC meetings cancelled;


  • Diane, Noel introductions
  • review Toole, Lex, Arl comments/recommendations for MM improvements
  • RR Ave area proposal to Land Acquisition Comm. (Brian)
  • Job Lane Safety Classes review
  • JGMS Safety Classes, MassBike Assistance
  • LoAB instructor certification
  • Winter (indoor) bike class ideas
  • Solarize Bedford-Lex; Openings Energy Task Force (Enos)
  • Assign/review action items
  • Minutes review


  • Dec 5, Lexington Town Center Streetscape presentation, 6pm, St Brigid Parish, Lex
  • Dec 7, TT Green Party, 7PM
  • Dec 9 Selectmen Holiday Party
  • Jan 9: LAC, 7:45; MAGIC (Transp. 3 PM)


I recently cosponsored the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act. - Tierney; Also Markey
Solarize Thoreau Farm appears to have reached goal

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