• Complete Streets Policy:
    • steps to formal adoption by town
    • coordinate policy w/ all boards/committees
  • DPW visit or report
  • Toole Report Comments Status
  • Prioritize Tri-Town meeting agenda
  • Bicycle Master Plan Status
  • 285 Great Rd updates
  • PB, Selectmen, Trails, Transp. Updates
  • Charter,Bylaws review
  • Land Acq. Meeting re: RR Ave (Brian)
  • ABAC April Meeting (Terry)
  • Minutes review
  • Assign/review action items


  • JGMS Safety Classes review
  • Bike To School Day assignments
  • Bike Count (Street, Bike Path) assignments
  • League Instructor, 'smart cycling musts', insurance (Dave, League Instructor)
  • CRW: group ride etiquette; adult riding instruction (classroom, parking lot) w/ J. Allen, Waltham
  • travel times to Boston (biking, Pub Transp, Driving)
  • Assign/review action items
  • Minutes review


  • May 7 Bike To School
  • May 3-8 Bike Count weekend, weekdays
  • May 10-18 Bike Week
  • Pan Mass (Kids Jun 14), Martha's Vineyard, ..
  • June ? Bike Helmet, Rodeo Day
  • June 7, Sat AM, tri-town meeting


• 2013 Highlights (very brief update from each town)
• Snow plowing on the Bikeway: 2013-14 winter lessons learned. Planning for future winters like this one.
• Bikeway Signage: status of planning for a "master plan" and funding for implementation
• Dog waste, trash, recyclable bins
• Report from Terry on Wiggins Road improvements
• Paving plans on Lexington section of Bikeway (mostly about the detour that will be required, since one section of repaving begins at Mal's and runs to Fottler)
• Greenway 100 (Richard Canale wants to talk about this in terms of the Bikeway)
• Status reports on Reformatory Branch, Belmont RT, Concord RT, Billerica RT (who should be invited from Concord and Billerica, and is there time for all 4?)
• Electric assist bikes (I'd like to discuss this topic, but LBAC wants to talk about it only if someone does their homework on best practices and policies elsewhere — and there is plenty to draw from; but this is a topic that can lend itself to a lot of endless talk, and my committee would rather avoid an open-ended discussion.)

The other items on Terry's list (uniform night riding rules; bikeway striping; and rights of way) were items that LBAC thought we might discuss either off-line or some other time.

chris - chair; times on all agenda items; stick to sched; 1 voice per town (but if appropriate, 1 minority voice allowed) - thus each BAC must discuss ahead of time all agenda items and have a BAC position: can't decide (yet), consensus do this, or split between this and that; no repeating what was already said; other town RT reports very short (3 mins max);

46.12 Driving where prohibited
No person shall drive a vehicle over that part of a sidewalk, street or public way which
is being constructed, repaired or paved if signs are posted prohibiting the same.
46.13 Parking vehicle on sidewalk
No person having charge of a vehicle shall drive or park such vehicle on any sidewalk
or footpath except to access a driveway where approved by the Town.

46.21 Bikeway
The Minuteman Bikeway shall be open to the use of the public between the hours of
5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Persons found on said premises between the hours of 9:00
p.m. and 5:00 a.m. shall be considered trespassers and subject to a fine of up to


32.1 Authority
The Transportation Advisory Committee is established by the Selectmen.
32.2 Membership
The Transportation Advisory Committee, appointed by the Selectmen for three year
terms, shall consist of seven members to include one Selectman and one Planning
Board member, one member each representing bicycle interests, pedestrian interests,
local business interests and two at-large residents.

H. For a freestanding sign, the Board of Selectmen shall provide an assessment of the
safety hazard created by the sign to pedestrian, bicycle, skate and motor vehicle traffic.

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