• New Transp. Comm bike rep: Soraya Stevens
  • Land Acq. Meeting re: RR Ave (Brian)
  • Adopting Complete Streets Policy
  • DPW visit or report: MM Ext, MM paving
  • Toole Report Comments, Status, Final Meeting May 28
  • Bicycle Master Plan Status
  • 285 Great Rd updates
  • PB, Selectmen, Trails, Transp. Updates
  • Town 'Leaders' Bike Ride
  • New Town Bike Rack locations
  • Charter, Remote Meeting Participation
  • Minutes review
  • Assign/review action items


  • Bike Day Review (Diane, others)
  • Job Lane Safety Classes -> PE
  • Bike Counts, Road & MM
  • Tri-Town MM meeting agenda (Jun 7)
  • Role/tasks @ Bike Helmet Day
  • Encourage PAN Mass parent participation in bike safety
  • Ride of Silence
  • Assign/review action items
  • Minutes review


  • May 21, 7 PM, Boston Ride of Silence
  • May 28, 2 PM, Toole Final Review, Lex DPW
  • Bike Month Events on-going
  • Pan Mass (Kids Jun 14)
  • June 7 Bike Helmet, Rodeo Day?
  • June 7, Sat 8:30 AM, tri-town meeting, Lex DPW
  • Selectmen Town Bike Ride, TBD


2. From the Draft Toole Report, what items can the Bikeway Communities advance?

A. “Road” striping on the Bikeway

B. Signage

3. Summer 2014 Bikeway construction projects in Lexington and Bedford – time frames and
alternative routes

4. Placement of waste containers along the Bikeway

5. Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

6. Grant-funding working group

7. Bike Committee’s highlights

46.12 Driving where prohibited
No person shall drive a vehicle over that part of a sidewalk, street or public way which
is being constructed, repaired or paved if signs are posted prohibiting the same.
46.13 Parking vehicle on sidewalk
No person having charge of a vehicle shall drive or park such vehicle on any sidewalk
or footpath except to access a driveway where approved by the Town.

46.21 Bikeway
The Minuteman Bikeway shall be open to the use of the public between the hours of
5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Persons found on said premises between the hours of 9:00
p.m. and 5:00 a.m. shall be considered trespassers and subject to a fine of up to


32.1 Authority
The Transportation Advisory Committee is established by the Selectmen.
32.2 Membership
The Transportation Advisory Committee, appointed by the Selectmen for three year
terms, shall consist of seven members to include one Selectman and one Planning
Board member, one member each representing bicycle interests, pedestrian interests,
local business interests and two at-large residents.

H. For a freestanding sign, the Board of Selectmen shall provide an assessment of the
safety hazard created by the sign to pedestrian, bicycle, skate and motor vehicle traffic.

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