Present: Joel Parks, Terry Gleason, Mark Siegenthaler, Ralph Hammond, and Holly Webster

  • Accident Report - Mark suggested that Holly go right to the top and ask Chief Hicks about whether or not the BBAC can obtain a little more about accidents involving bicycles than just the number. Holly said she would do this.
  • Safe Routes To School Update: Robert Ackerman is principal of the Job Lane School and had done a Safe Routes to School Program at his previous school, Ayerl. Terry reported that he and Lea Susan Ojamaa (Board of Health) plan to meet with Robert Ackerman re having such a program here. May 6 is the tentative date. Terry asked the Committee to issue a letter of support for the program and supply volunteers. Sue Baldauf, from Youth Services, plans to support the program.
  • VHB surface study WRITTEN report: Mark, also, has only a hard copy of the VHB power point presentation, but he has asked Rick Reed for a soft copy of the written report. Joel and Terry have ten or more questions for VHB. They will review them and email them to Mark who may be able to get some answers.
  • W. Bedford trail maintenance status from R. Warrington (excess Trees and shrubs, and now snow!): Mark reported the Rich Warrington is aware of the overgrowth and is prepared to upkeep the extension in the spring. It was noted that the Bay Circuit Trail is coincident with the extension. Would they, perhaps, be able to push for trail maintenance?
  • Terry introduced the site I agreed to sign up and can copy past the agenda to become minutes for each meeting. Each of you members, please sign up, get an account which Terry says will take only five minutes to be able to read these minutes.
  • Bike stand issues is pertinent to the Transportation Committee. Ralph will send agendas and minutes to everyone on our committee of the Transportation Committee.
  • Ray Ruetenick has not yet submitted his resignation. Joel told us that his current assignment runs out in 2010 along with Don and Ralph. Holly's and Bob's run out in 2009, and Joels runs out in 2011. Holly will try to contact Ray to ask again what he has done about sending in his resignation and if it hasn't happened by our next meeting, Joel will type up a resignation ans take it to Ray for his signature.
  • Bedford Committee Ride Day - Terry visualizes five different small groups to go out and be exposed to various things we would like to see improved. Terry should form a subcommittee to further plan such a day. This item is actually for the Friends of the BBAC. He would like representatives from all the Town Committees to participate as well as all of our members. Mike Rosenbery has already agreed.

Action Items

  • Please read these minutes, see if any action is required from you and prepare it faithfully for our next meeting which will be March 11, 2009 in the Town Hall at 7:30pm.

* Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm

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