Present: Joel Parks, Terry Gleason, Bob Sawyer, Brian O'Donnell, Ralplh Hammond, Holly Webster, and Charlie Webster

  • Transportation Comm Report: Brian, and Ralph reported two important things that were done. They voted to endorse the idea of Back to School Day. Ralph, Margot and Brian will help out. And secondly, sidewalk issues were discussed. How should the town prioritize sidewalk clearing and building? Paths, Trails, and sidewalks are all pedestrian walkways. The CPC may set aside monies each year to pay for sidewalks when butters finally agree. The next thing on their agenda is to complete a masterplan for sidewalks that will link neighborhoods to our town center and also sidewalks linking to the centers to neighboring towns.
  • Safe Routes To School Update; May 6 walk/bike to Job Lane: Terry reported that we have a real asset in the principal of the Job Lane School. He has agreed to a level three program which means several events each year as well as a real program. May 6 is a half day at school. Terry, at their next meeting, will offer to parents that our people will be crossing guards at intersections of their choice. We can be there both early and late. Terry will see how the committee view this and let us know at our next meeting. What's next? Possible "Walking Wednesday"
  • VHB surface study, ecopy of slides: Mark is not here.
  • Draft VHB Questions: Terry is making up some questions based upon the copy of the presentation that we have including the verification of the costs presented, ie., one year or one time. Elmer Bartels is a good contact for him to make regarding the questions.
  • New accident report format and options: Holly reported having spoken to Chief Hicks. There were no accidents in February. If Holly phones Chief Hicks early in any month, he will see that she, or anyone else on our committee, can get a more detailed report of each accident, with names removed. Terry told us of an accident that occured on Friday Mar. 6 at South Road and Hartwell Ave. We will see how much of this is reported in the one that we receive from Chief Hicks.
  • Bedford trail maintenance report update: Ralph reported that it is on the list to happen this spring.
  • bike stand subcomm. report/status: Brian had not yet prepared the report. Ralph reported that there is indeed a bike stand at the VA Hospital.
  • Bedford Committee Ride Day: Brian suggested inviting Bedford VIPS to participate in the first Back to School Day. Terry will make up a list of people to invite and will take it to the next subcommittee meeting. We, the BBAC feel we should write to the Selectmen asking them tocome out in some way in support of the Back to School Day. Joel will write the letter in the next few days and Holly will politely remind him.
  • Web page updates, new site: Brian has been unsuccessful so far but will continue trying. Joel, Terry, and Holly are currently in the http// Terry reminds the remaining members to please log on and get an account (5 mins);
  • Bob Sawyer Status - doing well, into his new apartment!
  • New bike law passed: MASSBikeLaw2009Jan, and Terry reminded us that there is a link to this law on the wikidot site.
  • Candidated for the coming year: We will have our next slate ready for our next meeting.


  • Lex Update (Peg Enders): Lexington reports that they are looking forward to our TriTown meeting. We have decided to let them know,via Terry, that as we have done it several years in a row, we are willing to have a few attendees if one of them are willing to host such a meeting.

* We would like to solicit support (with email addresses) from the CRW newsletter: Terry will do this.

  • We would also like an advocacy letter from w wheel chair user. Terry will ask Elmer Bartels about this.
  • At our next meeting, our Annual Meeting, we will select our slate for the coming year.

* The next meeting will be April 8, 2009 at the Town Hall at 7:30pm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:pm.

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