Bbacminutes2009 04 08

Present: Bob Sawyer, Joel Parks, Mark Siegenthaler, Terry Gleason, and Holly Webster

As not enough members were present, the acceptance of March's minutes was tabled until next month.

  • Status VHB Surface Study Questions: Mark reported that on their (the selectman's) list of jobs, the continuation of the Minuteman Bikeway is not 2 years out. The questions that were put to Mark will be answered at some unknown time. Mark says that we will probably need to have another open forum. Terry says we need the answers to our questions ahead of the scheduling of another forum. Mark suggested that Terry send a copy of the questions to Rick Reed, the Town Manager to emphasize the latter fact.
  • New accident report format: Holly had spoken with Chief Hicks ans requested a new accident report and he agreed to have one ready for me at the end of each month. Included with the one for March, was a correction for the month of February. Joel will be keeping these reports. We decided that the reports are as complete as the Police Department can make them. Holly will call Chief Hicks and thank him for arranging this.
  • W. Bedford trail maintenance report update?: Mark had no further information on this.
  • Transportation Comm Report: Mark reported that the last meeting mostly sidewalk policy issues were discussed. They updated the last policy from 1998. No specific places were mentioned.
  • Safe Routes To School Update; May 6 walk/bike to Job Lane: Terry reported that the last committee meeting was successful. He reported that the DPW will have repaired the washout on the NGRT before the ride date, May 6. Terry is trying to get town officials involved in a few things such as this date and also both trail counts, on May 2 (Sat.), and May 5 (Tues.), and will get a letter out to the Selectman's next meeting A pril 21 with all the information. He will also get this information to the Planning Board meeting April 14.
  • As we have been missing new project information from the Planning Board which used to come via Holly and we did go over these plans for bicycle issues, Holly will contact Richard Joli and see if we can be reinstated into the loop.
  • bike stand subcomm. report/status; DPW bike stand order: Brian is not here tonight, so there really is no status report. We did hear rumors that the DPW was indeed ordering bike stands and that they contacted Ralph. We are wondering why Rich Warrington contacted Ralph instead of Joel. We are not at all sure that the stands ordered are of the type that we, as advisors to the selectmen, had reccommended.
  • Trails Report: The DPW expects to patch up the NGRT as well as open the gates prior to SRTS Day May 6. Trails Comittee supports the SRTS event.
  • Lex Update: Terry reported that Lexington is planning to repave their section of the Minuteman Bikeway this season. Peg Enders, of Lexington, notices that Chelmsford has removable center bollards and will try to get Lextington to do the same.

Adjourn Advisory Committee at 8:55pm. Open Friends of the MM

  • Solicit support (and email addresses) thru CRW newletter: Terry has sent a letter to Jack Donahue of CRW asking for this but has not yet heard.
  • Terry will send a letter to Sub Baldauf to review and endorse that will invite town officials to the early May events.
  • Tri-Town Friends of MM Spring Meeting - no news: Terry
  • Candidates for open Comm. positions: No action on this account. Joel has not yet composed nor taken the resignation letter for Ray to sign.
  • Wheel Chair User Advocacy surface: Terry has asked Elmer Bartels will test surfaces and invite selectmen, accompanied by Joel on the NGRT. We are awaiting for letter from SCIA (spinal cord injury assoc)
  • Trails Vs Paths : It was noted that "Paths" are destination oriented and "Trails" are simply for recreation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.

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