BBAC Minutes 2009 05 13

Present: Joel Parks, Mark Siegenthaler, Brian O’Donnell, Ralph Hammond, and Holly Webster

Meeting opened at 7:35pm. No minutes were approved as not all members had perused them. We still need, at our next meeting, June 10, to approve minutes from March, April, and May.

* The committee tabled the discussion with Rich Warrington re VHB questions as Rich is on vacation this week. We hope he can attend our next meeting as we have many questions about what the town paid for, what was received, and what should be done next.
* Ralph suggested that if the usual machine cannot get down the West Bikeway to clear if of excess vegetation, at least a wide lawn mower could be used to keep back the foliage.
* Holly had picked up the accident report and there was one in June. A cyclist was traveling along Great Road and a sedan turned in front of him into Mudge Way, and he was unable to avoid hitting it. The police were dispatched but were not able to locate the sedan.
* The DPW tried to fill a washout on the NGRT before the Ride To School with crushed stone, which turned out to be inadequate, as a parent fell at that spot. Ralph suggested that crushed limestone might be better.
* Brian was unable to attend the last meeting of the Transportation Committee but Mark reported that they will be meeting next week and two of the topics they will discuss are the striping of crosswalks all over town as evidenced by the handicap openings across South Road from the end of Maple Street across to the Old Town Hall, and the general reorganization of their committee. Mark is the leader of this committee and also of the Selectmen, and the committee feels the leadership should be shared.
* The bike stands are in the process of being purchased and will be stored in town until installed. Denis Freeman, the head of the grounds division of the DPW is doing this for us. Brian and Joel will get together to decide where they should be installed.
* June 3 is the next Ride/Walk to school Day.
* There was a lot of discussion about today’s youth not understanding about basic safety when riding.
* As there seemed to be no special things for the Friends to discuss, it was decided to wait till next month to have a meeting.
* Our next meeting will be June 10, at 7:30pm Town Hall.

* Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

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