BBAC Minutes 2009 06 10

  • Present: Joel Parks, Mark Siegenthaler, Brian O’Donnell, Ralph Hammond, Terry Gleason, Rick Reed, Bob Sawyer, Richard Warrington, and Holly Webster
  • Meeting opened at 7:40pm. No minutes were approved as we were pressed for time. We still need, at our next meeting, July 9, to approve minutes from March, April, May, and now, June.
  • Rich Warrington came prepared with our questions printed, but also the answers. He went over them and our committee is in possession of these two documents. There was quite a bit of discussion about these, including the following points.
  • Powers that be would like to refer to the bikeway extension as “The Minuteman Bikeway Extension”.
  • In R. Warrington's opinion, all the current root damage on the MB is due to a particular maple and Rich will look into taking care of eliminating these.
  • Terry stressed his request that Rich give the town honest engineering answers to all questions, leaving out any political thoughts.
  • Ralph asked that if stone dust were used on the extension, after 6 years, would it then be fairly easy to pave? Rick Reed suggested that whatever comes up at Town Meeting should be worded so as to be easily and intelligently amended. Rich said that if stone dust were used, the town could obtain machinery that would make it easier to maintain both the extension and the NGRT.
  • He said that he would get new lower numbers for the costs given by VHB on page 3 of the “Rail to Trail Supplemental to the Feasibility Study”.
  • Our committee needs to prepare a proposal for the Selectmen to approve for Town Meeting, as the next step. Terry is fairly confident that if the town were presented with an accurate comparison of the long run costs, there would be little opposition.
  • As far as current maintenance on the extension, the DPW will make a presentation to “Bark” before the end of the construction period (Sept/Oct) and before making it to the Selectmen as to the tree removal that we have been requesting for a long time.
  • ?? Joel commented upon the fine job that the DPW manages to take care of despite their heavy schedule.
  • The DPW has made application to receive monies and install the maximum allowed for the grant for bike stands. Rich knows which type and where to locate them when they arrive. Terry requests that Rich call Joel instead of just mentioning it to his buddy on our committee. As insurance, Joel and Brian will give a copy of our location list in order of priority to Rich.
  • Terry wants to know how the BBAC or the Transportation Committee could write a letter to Mass Highway. Apparently, the hearing held recently was mere a formality. He would like 11’ travel lanes instead of 12’ ones. Mark told us that from the selectmen’s point of view the answer is “no” because of the red tape involved, and the fact that this was all decided years ago. Recalculation would take too long for the project.
  • There is no fog line on South Road which is too narrow to accommodate it. If it could be done it would be at the 11’ width.
  • Rich Warrington said that they can improve the bollard situation. Joel asked that if a new gate was needed, would the DPW buy one or use one from where it is no longer needed. We will readdress this situation.
    • We thanked Rich Warrington, Rick Reed, and Mark Siegenthaler for their attendance tonight.
  • Bob Sawyer told us of an accident on South Road where an auto driver turned right in front of a cyclist who then hit the car. No one was injured but there was some damage to the car. There was a witness, but no citation. Holly reported that the current method of obtaining accident reports from the previous month, that is, phoning the record department and requesting the report the day before our meeting that will then be picked up at the main desk just prior to our meeting, cannot be improved upon.
  • Terry reported that 92 bikes were counted at Job Lane School on the “Ride/Walk to School Day”. The principal of the Lane School would like to see this become a weekly event rather than once a month.
  • Our next meeting will be July 8, at 7:30pm Town Hall. Ralph will make the application for all the meetings next year, including Aug. 12, Sept. 9, and October 14, and will post them.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm.

Friends of the BBAC

  • We feel that the Friends of the BBAC should still write a letter to Mass Highway. Terry will write the letter and get it mailed by Friday, requesting 11’ travel lanes, and a slanted curbing where there is no sidewalk.
  • The remaining agenda suggestions for both the BBAC and the Friends were deferred because of the hour.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:47pm.
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