Bedford 2009


Summary last year's accomplishments, major events, 'lessons learned' (LL)

  • Bike Committee proposal for 11' travel lanes (versus 12') as new standard in Bedford approved by Selectmen. Any time restriping is needed, 11' (max) widths will be used. Recent example is Rt 62 west to Concord and east to Burlington. Cyclists now have a more comfortable (~ 2.5') shoulder.
    • LL (Lessons Learned): Find support in other committees first.
  • (Annual) Free Bike Helmets, fitting, bike checkup, bike safety test for kids. Run in conjunction with PD and Bikeway Source (Chris).
    • LL: Teach kids/parents the Eyes, Ears, Mouth method to properly fit helmet; Find a (better) way to ensure enough helmets (kid sizes) are available.
  • "Rails To Trails" Exhibit at Bedford Library. Photos, diorama, train layout. 150 year history of area railroads and rail trails.
    • LL: Great way to reach and inform public about area RTs. Maps, photos, train layout all help to attract people.
  • Participation in State Trail user counts. All 3 trails (MM, WBRT, NGRT) counted.
    • LL: Noon time walkers, week days are our biggest user group.
    • Having 'hard state' numbers on users of the different trails is useful when discussing surfaces.
    • Counting 'commuters' is useful when discussing the importance of the MM (and future RTs)
  • MM Hall of Fame Celebration. Honored 3 of the Bedford 'Bike Pioneers'.
  • Safe Routes To School Initiatives; Job Lane (2-5 grades) celebrated Internation Walk/Bike To School Day (Oct. 8?). 40 bikers, a couple hundred walkers.
  • Attended annual Moving Together Conference in Boston.
  • VHB presented a surface study for West Bedford RT WBRT (AKA MM Extension) comparing costs and maintenance for asphalt, stone dust, alternative surfaces.
  • Transportation Advisory Comm. formed. Two Bike Comm. members (Brian O., Ralph H.) are members. Transp. Comm. will be asked to assume or collaborate on some Bike Comm. projects (Safe Routes To School, Bike Racks, Public Easements)

Summary this year's goals, projects, major events

  • Bike Rack program funded by Community Preservation and State Program programs. [Brian will fill in details here]
  • Monitor Lexington, Arlington MM snow plowing efforts. Obtain cost estimates. In spring, poll walkers and commuters (eg at Wiggins) about desirability of plowing.
    • Issues: cost; extend season or all year; synch w/ Lex; Is the biggest benefactor the noon walkers - should the Transp. Comm. promote this as a pedestrian issue; should the industries (Millipore) fund this.
  • Walk/Bike to School (Job Lane, 2-5 grade) May 6. Have only verbal commitments from principal, others.
  • Enroll Job Lane into Safe Routes to School program.
  • Bike To Service Sunday (Fall?)
  • Town participation/support of Bike To Work Week (May). Visit local businesses; promote in MM newspaper.
  • lst annual 'Bike Bedford With Town Officials Day' (need a catchy name for this). Selectman M. Rosenberg has agreed to join us, along with members of the Planning Board who support a pedestrian/bike friendly Bedford.
  • Prioritize list of 'potential public easements'. Last year we identified approx. 17 paths over private land used by the public that typically provide shorter or safer access to neighborhoods.
  • With help from our selectman liaison, M. Siegenthaler. ensure that the WBRT brush clearing and path smoothing/improvement is done this spring. DPW has had it on its work list for two years but with no priority.
  • An accurate and comprehensive monthly bike (and pedestrian) accident report that will help us identify problem areas for cyclists in Bedford.
  • Obtain list and schedule of upcoming road projects. Identify which ones are good candidates for improving bike accommodation.

2014 vision: describe the bike improvements and activities you hope to have in your town in 5 years, and how you plan to get there.

  • An active and growing bike to school segment in the elementary school growing into the Middle School.
  • New alternative routes (public easements) connecting neighborhoods.
  • WBRT 25% design approved for multi-use trail

2019 vision ('I have a dream'): describe the bike amenities and 'bike culture' you hope to see in your town in 10 years.

Other items

  • New MM signage
    • what is the goal of MM signage
      • information?
      • safety?
  • <add your items here>
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