- pop-up tent: Dave Enos
- fencing, stakes - Joel
- some seating - Joel, Dave
- 6' table - Dave
- card table, additional small table - Terry
- 2 small easels - Terry
- additional easels, zip ties, duct tape, - Joel

- corral tickets, pens, tape - Terry
- posters, info, signups - Laurie, Terry
- big MM banner - Terry
- MM, Boston Bike maps - Terry

- some Xtra, bike racks for corral - Dave


  • setup: min 3 people (Joel, Terry, Dave, ..)
  • booth attending: 2-4 people, 10-3PM
  • takedown: min 3 people (Joel, Terry, Dave, …), 3 PM


  • Bedford Citizen, MM paper, Action Unlimited, Friends Newsletter, Rec Dept
  • example, 2013 Bedford Citizen

Valet bike parking, and bicycle news for Bedford Day; Bike donations needed
The Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway, celebrating the Bikeway’s 20 year anniversary will again provide secure bicycle parking for any one bicycling to the Bedford Day, Sat., Sept 21, activities. Come visit our booth and get the new Minuteman Bicycle Map, updates on the many exciting bicycle projects in town and the region, and Bob Sawyer’s “Shop Bedford by Bike” map which helps you avoid the busy traffic on Great Rd.
At our booth you can share your bicycle experiences, ask for advice, hear about our school programs, and get an update on the Minuteman Extension project. Do you find many roads in Bedford uncomfortable to bike on as we do? Please support our “Bicycle Master Plan” proposal to make Bedford a more bicycle friendly community.

Fresh from our consultant after a 10 month study, are recommendations to improve “navigation” on the Minuteman Bikeway, including better and uniform signage, modernization of the intersections (remove those antiquated gates!), and public education.

To acknowledge his combined 40 years+ service to bicycling, sidewalks, and trails committee work in town, we will be adding Ralph Hammond to our ‘Bicycle Honor Roll’ Thank you Ralph!

We are still accepting serviceable (need not be running) bikes for our JGMS Bike Safety classes. Please send us an email (moc.liamg|ekiBdrofdeB#moc.liamg|ekiBdrofdeB) with a short description of the bike(s) to set up a pickup date.

Special Additions

  • bike donations
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