Planning Board Comprehensive Plan

V. Economic Development Goal

  • Develop assets such as Depot Park, bikeways …

VI. Open Space and Natural Resources Goal

  • develop an interconnected multiuse trail system connecting passive and active recreation areas to each other as well as to other areas such as residences, retail stores, offices, and industry.

IX. Traffic/Transportation Goal

  • Build and maintain bikeways and walking/jogging paths throughout Town as an alternative mode of transportation and for recreation

Creating the Linked Network

  • The Town should improve bicycle access from Depot Park to commercial and residential areas in Bedford, as well as along the town-owned railroad right-of-way toward the Concord town boundary and beyond.

6-4. Establish A New Bikeway

  • Prepare a strategy and a timetable with milestones for advancing the project for construction of a third bikeway in the town-owned right-of-way to the Concord boundary from its idea stage into implementation.

8-3 Facilitate the Use of Bikes in Town

  • Construct the “West Bikeway” from the intersection at South Road (Depot Park) to Concord Road along the town owned right-of-way, whether or not it is extended in Concord.
  • Establish a “Share the Road” signage campaign to improve motor vehicle operator awareness of the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists. The DPW should work with the Bicycle Advisory Committee to determine appropriate sign content, size and location.


  • Bikeways

The Minuteman Commuter Bike Path provides a combination of recreation and destination-transportation services. As its name suggests, it is reserved for non- motorized travel, primarily bicyclists, rollerbladers and pedestrians.

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Report

  • Half of the trips in America can be completed within a 20-minute bike ride, and a quarter of trips are within a 20-minute walk.
  • Yet, the vast majority of these short trips are taken by automobile.
  • Bicycling and walking can also improve public transportation by providing fast and well-planned access to it.
  • Given the availability of safe and convenient infrastructure, more people will choose bicycling or walking for short trips and in combination with public transportation for longer trips.
  • Further, communities conducive to bicycling and walking promote a richer and denser mix of residences and businesses, leading to shorter trip distances, even for those who drive.
  • Active transportation is the missing piece in our transportation system.
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