Aug 7, 2009 Bike Rack Tour w/ Dennis Freeman, DPW

DPW ordered and received its $3700 worth of bike stands:
2 wavy
rest (separate) inverted U (about 20?)

DPW (Rich) wants them lst at place public places w/o any stands:

priority I, currently no stands

PD 1+
Town Hall 3+ (location may be problem)
Town Center, front and back, 2+ each
Old Town Hall, Back, 1+

DPW 1+

priority II, old or insufficient stands

Library 4+ in front replacing 'dish strainer'
Library, N. side, move wavy out from wall

High School, Gym/Caf entrance (TG recommendation: 2 bikes parked there today)

Job Lane, add wavy near front door; don't remove old stands, needed for SRTS

Springs Brook Park, add wavy near building/transformer?

Remaining U racks

Plan to hold out ~5 stands to see where they best may go after initial stand locations evaluated.

Note, that Town is not reembursed until stands are installed.

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