Hello, I'm <…>, a member of the Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

I'm calling to let you know that an important vote for the Minuteman Extension project will take place at Town meeting, March 22. The CPC has voted to fund the design of the extension with community preservation funds but the town will decide which, if any of the two proposals to fund:

  1. a paved surface (proposed by the Friends)
  2. Or a stone dust surface proposed by DPW (Warrington)

We're calling you because you are either a former or current Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway member or you signed our petition to extend the current MM bikeway out to Concord on the town owned railroad bed.

The Friends, and the Bicycle Advisory Comm. after studying both options carefully, voted to recommend the paved surface to the selectmen and the town.

The funding request will be for the design of the rail trail. It's normal for the Town to pay for the design expected to be approx $200K.
After the design is complete with multiple reviews by the Town (probably a couple years), the trail can be then constructed at a est. cost of $1.5M to $2M.

We expect there will be a small but vocal minority who will speak out against a paved extension. There are some walkers, some bikers w/ Mtn bikes, and some local residents who would like to limit who can use the trail. Voting to do nothing and leaving the trail as a dirt path, or voting for stone dust surface, will prevent many of the current MM users from enjoying the Extension.

<if email is listed, confirm it>

We have a web site where we describe in detail why a paved surface will be best. Briefly it's the only surface that will accommodate all the expected users; It's the most economical trail surface in terms of maintenance; It's the best surface for bike commuters; And it is quite likely the only surface the State would approve funding for. If the Town approves the Warrington plan to design a stone dust trail, he may be back in a couple years asking the Town to approve $2M to build the trail w/ Town funds.

<if no email is listed, ask for one>

Can we email you a pointer to our web site w/ this information? We would also send you a reminder in March about Town meeting with more details on time, etc.

  • Do you have any quick questions about the Extension?
  • Are you a current user (walker, dog walker, commuter/transp., rec bike rider, roller blader, ..)

If you have any questions after reading the information @ the web site feel free to email us using the contact info at the web site, or you can call Terry Gleason, president of the Friends (0362)

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