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Hello, I'm <…>, a member of the Bedford Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway

I'm calling you because you are either a former or current Friends of the Minuteman Bikeway member or you signed our petition to extend the current MM bikeway out to Concord on the town owned railroad bed.

There will be an important vote for the Minuteman Extension project at Town meeting, March 22 or 23. The town will decide which, if any of the 3 proposals to fund:

  1. a paved surface design
  2. a stone dust surface design
  3. rehab the existing gravel trail

The bike committee wants the town to fund the design for extending the MM because it is the most cost effective and will serve the greatest number of users.

We will send you a second email a week before TM with more precise info on the date/time of the Article.

We have a web site with information on the choices. Can I email the web site to you?
<repeat back their email address>

Would you like to resume your Friends membership? Instead of mailing out a printed newsletter we now email it.

<we'll send the membership info in the email>


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