• Funding/Costs
    • Construction Estimates

2005 Feasibility Study (p. 28) estimates total construction cost at $1.2M. Warrington letter (Oct. 8, 2009) estimates the cost at $1.75M. Who made the new estimate and why has it increased by more than $.5M?

  • Funding Sources

A BFMB member (Terry) while attending the Moving Together (State Bike/Pedestrian) Conference, and again at the Safe Routes To School Conference Oct. 2009, spoke to consultant William Schwartz, working for the SRTS Infrastructure Program. Schwartz was interested in Bedford's SRTS program and the fact our MM Extension is within a mile of our schools, thus qualifying the Town for future infrastructure assessment and funding. He was given Mark Siegenthaler as a person to contact to discuss the possibilities. Has Mark discussed the SRTS program with Schwartz?

  • The BFMB sponsored the original request (2004) for CPA funding for the MM Extension project (apparently with the approval of everyone including the selectmen), and plan to request CPA funding for the next step in the process, the 25% Design. We recommend that the BFMB sit down with representatives from selectmen, BAC, DPW, and Transp. Comm. to discuss what roles each of the groups will play in the MM Extension project.

It's worth noting that this item was an agenda item for the Oct BAC meeting, but never addressed since Mark informed the BAC that night that the selectmen planned to eliminate the BAC at Town Meeting.

  • Rich Warrington proposal to 'improve the MM Extension'
    • Routine Maintenance Vs a project to extend the MM bikeway.

Basic maintenance of the trail should be a normal activity, not something that is done as part of extending the MM bikeway. The MM Extension was graded in 197x to be a bike path in response to R. Hammond's class. The BAC has asked DPW to do basic maintenance for years only to be told each time that it would happen soon.

Warrington states "As a first step towards the development of the Minuteman Bike path extension. I am
recommending that safety improvements be made to the existing path."

The BFMB recommends that basic maintenance and safety improvements be done at least twice yearly and that such work should not be construed to be

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