• Annual Board Meeting
    • tres report
    • elections (except pres)
    • 2014-5 activities

2 min reports

  • MM paving
  • Tri-Town MM meeting (Jun 7) report sign comm.
  • Bike Helmet Day report
  • May 28, Toole Final Review, Lex DPW
  • bikes in crosswalks, Arl PD
  • Prof Peter Furth (NE) Bike Infrastructure workshop Jun 21
  • Complete Streets Policy, PB, Selectmen


  • MM RR Ave options/recommendations
  • Minutes review
  • Assign/review action items

new pres election


  • Aug 4, Selectmen RR Ave public hearing
  • BAC - Selectmen RR Ave recommendations TBD
  • Jul 3 - MM repairs begin
  • Jul 8, PB, 8:25 RR Ave site visit report
  • Aug - repaving
  • Aug 8 - deadline parade appl
  • Aug 15,16? - boston at nite ride, see
  • Sep 20 - Bedford Day Booth/parade
  • Selectmen Town Bike Ride, TBD


TG comments VHB 3 options
VHB Jun 9, 2014
RR Ave Info Sheet to selectmen
JohnP RR letter to selectmen
Jersey Barrier BWI bike trail
BWI bike trail


  • Adopting Complete Streets Policy
  • Bicycle Master Plan Status
  • Minutes review

current officers
pres TG
sec Peter
treas LG
Direc: Sawye, Ralph, Suzy, Brian

suggested slate:
pres Diane
sec Peter
treas LG
Direc: Sawy, Suzy?, TG, Craig and/or John

John's RR Ave notes
jun 5 comments to VHB (created option 4?!)

talking pts
CS != shared-use path design
MM - Hall of Fame RT
not MM, a connection, then Reformatory RT; 1 RT, the MM!
riding on 6' sidewalk OR on road (not a bike lane) is not compatible w/ the MM users

assumptions/constraints => crosswalk at curve !!??; revisit assumptions/constraints
what additional easements would give us lst-class RT?
where will snow go
guard rails require another foot both sides at curve
bring bike trailer, Hall of Fame article, petitions to selectmen, counts of carried kids
start from scratch, and design a connection that is a good connection, and then see what is needed to get there
consider no continuation of sidewalk on north side at least until additional easement is acquired
consider jersey barrier on south side to create phys separated

ask Peter Furst and/or Rabito (State ped/bike eng) to review and make suggestions

eg, see,-76.664701,3a,45.2y,230.32h,81.27t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sVDoTaH-jrOoORmO0zwp4zw!2e0!5m1!1e3,-76.6656049,383m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e3
1500' tot len
645' west easement
250' east sidewalk easement

167' Larson will discuss easement

50' to 40' to 50' transitions:
7' RT shift - easy
3' road center line OK - Peter Furst says curves to slow down traff is good
use jersey barrier until we obtain new easement

460' (Taylor-Lloyd) easement needed (30%)
500' 40' width (T&L plus Commercial St)

167' easy 7' transition of RT
167' OK for 3' road shift

perhaps 30' at west end for RT shift back to 50' ROW

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