Great Rd Study 2010

  • MM Statue to Carisle/North Rd split
  • includes side roads - Mudge Way, ?
  • Pedestrian, Bicycle, Vehicle Study


  • Business District
  • Mass Highway road? Implications?
  • School Ave status; public easement to Town Hall
  • Goal is safety, efficiency, but NOT to increase traffic speed thru town
  • Increasing road space (big changes!) for motor vehicles will only invite more cut-thru traffic
  • But small inexpensive changes to the road to accommodate bicycle and pedestrian traffic can have a big impact

Recommendations (collected from a number of bicyclists who responded to our survey)

  • Great Rd and Narrow Gauge Crossing (Hillside)
    • Pedestrian and bike crossing
    • Vehicles often come down the hill faster than the speed limit
    • Yellow pedestrian crossing aid does not survive there
    • Improve crossing for bike/peds
    • Improve signage for trail users
      • Large sign visible to road users listing MM, Narrow Gauge, Bay Circuit directions
      • Kiosk or ? showing more detail directions/map for the 3 trails; combine w/ a bus shelter w/ bike rack
  • Great Rd
    • Bedford road bike survey - using the BostonBikes model, rate roads: beg, intermed, adva
      • good news - this area has potential to be comfortable for most bicyclists
      • bad news - Great Road is considered a challenge for even experienced/advanced riders
    • This portion of Great Rd is wide enough to accommodate on-road bicyclists, e.g, by reducing traffic lanes to 11'
    • if no parking, wider shoulder
    • if parking, use on road sharrows to guide bikes away from opening door danger; alert drivers to shared road
    • road not consistently wide enough for bike lanes?
    • left turns are difficult for most: e.g., at Hillside, Mudge Way
    • Better bike accommodation here would connect NGRT to Town center
    • Seriously consider roundabouts (not traffic circles, not rotaries, but 'modern roundabouts) for the 2 road splits: Concord Rd, Carlisle Rd


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