• continue funding design and construction of MM extension to Concord town line
  • work with the Town of Concord and the Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge Director to complete the MM Extension trail to the Wildlife Refuge parking lot
  • work with PD and the local media to improve the public's understanding of the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists
  • Because the bicycle accommodations on Great Rd and North Rd are not adequate for many bicyclist, the Town should exploit and enhance the side and back paths to the shopping areas that are used currently by pedestrians and bicyclists, and explore developing new ones.
  • Improve bicycle accommodation to “East Bedford”. Burlington Rd (Rt 62) is the only access to East Bedford and Burlington. When it was expanded in the 1990's, there was no thought given to bike accommodation.
  • Continue to support and expand the Safe Routes To School program
  • Promote bike week and bike day events in Bedford
  • Identify roads that are important connections for thru-town or in-town bicycle routes. Using appropriate signage and road striping, make bicycle accommodation on those routes adequate for intermediate level bicyclists [see definitions above].
  • Create a Bedford Bike map identifying bike paths, greenways, bike lanes, sharrows, and bike routes. Roads will be marked as to their biking 'comfort' level. GIS mapping standards will be used to allow easy exchange of data with other towns and regional consortiums.
  • Identify current and potential trails suitable for mtn biking. Coordinate w/ Trails Comm. and ConsCom.
  • Encourage town to improve drainage on Narrow-gauge trail to avoid yearly washouts and ruts.
  • Establish bike/pedestrian greenways that provide off-road or low traffic routes connecting Bedford's conservation and recreation areas. Identify and promote easements to connect neighborhoods to the greenways.
  • Each time a road or intersection is scheduled for an update, review its bicycle accommodation using 'complete streets' guidelines, and make recommendations for needed improvements if necessary. Since most existing roads were designed with little consideration to bicycle travel, it is expected that modern design features including bike lanes, sharrows, and bike specific signaling sensors and lights, will receive serious consideration.
  • Keep abreast of current methods and infrastructure by attending conferences such as the “Moving Together Bike and Pedestrian” conference.
  • Work with neighboring bike committees to improve inter-town bike accommodations
  • Continue coordinating Minuteman Bikeway projects and oversight with Lexington and Arlington. Working with our DPW and the two other Minuteman Bikeway towns, update the 20 year old and outdated Minuteman Bikeway map, signage, and street crossings.
  • Establish a formal relation with DPW to better coordinate and plan town bicycle accommodation projects
  • Each year report to the Town on the status of the 'bicycle vision goals' in this document. Using the League of American Bicyclists' or other similar outside criteria, independently evaluate how“Bike Friendly” Bedford is. Use the evaluation to identify both additional ways to improve bicycle accommodation and future vision goals.
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