North Rd Hearing Jul6

Old talking points for Town Hearing

  • procedural comments
    • 3-4 week notice, time for meeting, discussion, inputs
    • tree, transp, bike, neighbors, SRTS,
    • Cathy Buckley, 'off the top of my head'
    • 4' paved shoulder vs 4' bike lane
  • Project Comments
    • 20 year+ lifetime, not just what is best for this summer, this year, or even 4 years
    • appears minimizing utility pole moves was a priority
      • other priorities include
        • minimizing removal of healthy mature trees
        • maximize ped and bike accommodation
        • minimize cost
        • minimize delay
        • minimize intrusions (wetlands, stone walls)
  • bike accommodation comments
    • 4' foot paved shoulder is a wonderful improvement over the 1-2' shoulder next 45 mph traffic
    • because of curbing, storm drains, speed of traffic, 4' probably does not qualify as a bike lane
    • however, would like the 'committee' to seriously consider 5' paved shoulders that should qualify as real bike lanes with the proper signage
    • a 5' shoulder on the west side would serve as a walkway for residents to access their homes from the crosswalks
  • Misc Comments
    • encourage residents and trails committee to add the 'paper street' Middlesex Road as part of walking loop thru Lindau Farmland, Doris, Pinehill, North Rd
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