Pedaling Revolution

Author Jeff Mapes, Portland journalist, cyclist

Ch 8: health

health experts don't talk about 'exercise' any more. They talk about being physically active.

'active transportation' - getting people out of cars at least for short trips

stats for physically inactive:
30-50 % inc in coronary disease
30% inc in hypertension
20-50% inc in strokes
30-40% inc in colon cancer
20-30% inc in breast cancer
inc type 2 diabetes

obesity epidemic
1991 4 states w/ adult obesity rates > 15%
2007, US rate is 34%
2nd largest preventable cause of death after smoking

53% of those who had cycled in last year said they would commute by bike if 'safe, separated designated paths' available

cul-de-sac cut off bike/ped access
bike funding recouped in health savings
health gain Vs danger (accidents) 20 to 1
developers need to put in sidewalks/bike paths that GO SOMEWHERE
1/5 cars transport kids to school

Ch 2, Amsterdam

27% of all trips by bike, about 7% of all miles traveled
drivers are treated as having a dangerous weapon (like hunters); they must be watching out for everyone else.
auto death rate is 1/3 of US
US peds have 6 times risk of dying than Dutch
avg Dutch over 65 bikes almost every other day

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