Repaving MM; Paving RTs

Arlington made these changes:

  • Bikeway surface in Arlington now slopes toward one side (vs. a crown in the middle) for better drainage and less puddling.
  • All rumble strips were removed, because it was cheaper and easier to remove them than to figure out how to repave around them all. (The rumble strips were not designed with future maintenance in mind.) When we polled bikeway users about removing the cobblestone rumble strips, most people did not like them and were happy to see them go.
  • We specified a solid yellow line to separate the lanes. The bikeway gets enough use that we suggested a solid (vs. dashed) line to delineate the east-west travel lanes. We figured that faster users would still pass, and they still do.
  • We specified that root-guard barriers be installed to prevent future uprooting, but we don't believe they were (except in one short stretch east of Spy Pond where I saw the trenchwork).

BFRT Top Coat, 2009, Chelmsford

The cost of the Phase 1 top coat is expected to be around $250,000. I don't know whether the top coat will include recycled asphalt pavement or not. I also do not know what is included in that price. The trail is 6.8 miles long. The top course should be 1.5" thick and 10' wide. [C. McLain, Mar 2009]
~ $37K/mile (10' wide)

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