Spring 2009 Multi-Town Bike Meeting

Introduction to the ABL (Arlington, Bedford, Lexington) MM Friends Wiki

  • Private wiki (Under Construction); only invitees can read/write to this wiki
  • However, use good judgment when posting comments and criticisms, etc.
  • This wiki (Spring 2009 Multi-Town Bike Meeting) consists of multiple pages. E.g., each town has its own page with a draft agenda template
  • Intent:
    • A space to organize the 2009 ABL MM Friends meeting
    • (Long term) A virtual meeting space for members
  • Invitees will include ABL Bike Committee members
  • Each ABL Bike Committee is asked to provide at least 1 member to subscribe and represent their town committee.
  • Site Admin: Terry Gleason, Bedford

Quick Help For New ABL Wiki Users

  • Step 1 Done: you are here with a wikidot account
  • Navigation Panel is on the left; Information Panel is here. You can always get back here by clicking on "spring meeting" link in Nav. Panel
  • Look at the draft agenda below
  • Click on the town links below to see their working agenda items
  • At your town agenda page, add/modify your content using the "edit" link at bottom
  • Use "preview" to see changes; Remember to "save" changes when done
  • Even if you don't know basic wiki editing, simply inserting text will be helpful
  • The template provided at each town link will be sufficient to get you started
  • Corrections, additions to any page in this wiki are encouraged

Draft Agenda:

Each Town:

  • 10-15 minutes, summary last year's accomplishments, major events, 'lessons learned'
  • 10-15 minutes, summary this year's goals, projects, major events
  • 10-15 minutes, 2014 vision: describe the 'bike culture' you hope to have in your town in 5 years, and how you plan to get there.
  • 10-15 minutes, 2019 vision ('I have a dream'): describe the 'bike culture' you hope to see in your town in 10 years.

Other items

  • Coordinate MM Plowing?
  • New MM signage
    • what is the goal of MM signage
      • information?
      • safety?
  • <add your items here>
  • Bollards and Gates
    • one standard for all towns
    • safety/liability concerns for towns
    • In Bedford, some gates greatly impede cyclists while a vehicle can simply drive around it
  • Repaving Lessons Learned (see Repaving MM
    • Are root barriers cost effective?
    • $50K/mile (Arlington, 2002)
  • Non MM Issues
    • Traffic lane widths vs shoulder widths
    • vertical granite curb options
    • shoulder lines at intersections (curve around corner or not)
    • push for new Town ordinance: min 3 ft passing space

Bedford 2009

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