Tri-town Friends of the Minuteman Meeting:

Monday, September 28, 7PM
New Lexingon DPW Building, 201 Bedford St.
It's conveniently located on the MM bikeway where Bedford St crosses
the bikeway.

Peggy Enders, Lexington, will enquire about computer/projector hookup

Co-hosted by Bedford and Lexington

Agenda (Draft 1.0)

We will focus on MM Bikeway issues, but let's also share and discuss
'on-road' bike accommodation activities. Most of our Friends committee
members are also active with general bike issues in town and there is
a lot we can learn from each other here.

Each Town (10-15 mins): summarize last year's
activities/accomplishments; then current and future projects/issues
- If possible include a brief summary of neighboring towns. E.g.,
Arlington might have some Cambridge news; Jeff could speak about
Belmont; Bedford will give a 3 minute summary of Burlington,
Billerica, Chelmsford bike activities.

Arlington: (30 min. ? including discussion) Review of the Mass Ave
plan recently approved by Selectmen. Lessons learned, obstacles,
planning for future reviews. [The focus of this presentation should be
what can other towns learn from the Arlington bike advocates]

Minuteman Bikeway Brochure (Arlington)
[Jack, how much time for this and are you showing us a new/proposed
brochure and will want feedback/discussion? Is there anything that can
be looked at in advance?]

Minuteman Bikeway Safety (Peggy, time estimate?)
Lexington will lead the discussion with a presentation of bike path
safety issues they have identified and plan to address with Town
officials. The issues include gates, bollards, signs, user behavior,
and repairs/maintenance.

Miscellaneous announcements; Establish a common calendar for events of
interest to the 3 towns?

Summarize meeting, identify actions items, future meeting dates and
discussion topics


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